Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review for the Hoosegow Chronicles!!!

This is a must read for anyone who has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune and was provided the opportunity to chronicle an extended stay in the "Hoosegow". The luxurious accommodations extended by the miscreants who staff the Mosquito jail are readily recognizable to past and present guests. The "guests" under dur...ess, utilize the same gifts and unappreciated questionable "talents" to take their leave of the Hoosegow Hilton that facilitated their arrival in hilarious fashion. The irrational exuberance manifested for the minutia of jail life by the author, undermines the intolerable tedium and absurdity of the actuality. This is a triumph of the wit, rather than the will. Written with empathy and humor (in massive doses) author Will Kane perfectly skews the view of life on the "inside",as he turns those inside.....OUT!!!

The Bombastic Titus Weedarce!

Another Hoosegow Factoid: THE BOMBASTIC OFFICER TITUS WEEDARCE. "Having all the charm of leprosy and the inpersonal habits of swine, the despicable corrections officer held all the inmates in pod five with cantankerous contempt. His deranged mental attitude, to every inmate he ever came in contact with, gradually consumed his warped brain into a state of psychotic dementia so deep that he beleived that he was an closet avant garde fan dancer and sought psychiatric help." Read more of this outrageously bizarre novel The Hoosegow Chronicles.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hoosegow Chronicles

Hilarious, brillantly written and absolutely a laugh out loud read!

The Hoosegow Chronicles

In the most notoriously corrupt jail in the state, five inept inmates, living under the viciously cruel thumb of correctional officer-Titus Weedarce, decide to break out. However, there is a problem. Escape by tunneling, scaling prison walls or conventional means is out of the question. The inmates, housed on the fifth floor, must escape the jail the way they got in, through the front door.

The inmates, all held on inane charges, led by two societal misfits, lead three other oddball inmates into a plot of escape so uncanny that if even they were caught by the bungling administration, the jail personnel would have absolutely no idea of what the inmates are trying to achieve.

This preposterously comical narrative is infested by a horde of idiotic characters: the unbelievably caustic correctional officer whose personal extracurricular activities leads him to a absurd cherry vodka induced Jacuzzi with an inmate; a tattoo artist’s obsession with religion that brings him into direct conflict with the mayor and the mayor’s twin judge brother who jails him; a wannabe pimp who spikes the drinks of potential geriatric johns with E.D. medication and this results into a en-masse dry humping of diapered nursing home women harmonica players; the ham-fisted 96 year old warden who is collecting two pensions from the jail and his exaggeratedly neurotic 79 year old wife who is chronically addicted to birth control pills and Carl “The Brainiac” Wheeler, in jail for skewering a sea-gull with an umbrella in a ridiculous beach fracas involving professional sun-tanners, dogs and ravenous members of weight watchers. These and other townsfolk of the City of Mosquito act in a sequenced tango of peculiar activities that lead to the perfect opportunity for escape!